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Picture yourself as a business owner in Bangladesh, leading a team of employees that is expanding at a rapid pace. As your workforce grows, the management of employee information, attendance, leave applications, and other HR-related tasks can become more intricate and demanding. That’s where the top HR management  software in Bangladesh comes in to simplify your life.
Our article provides a comprehensive review of the leading HR management software options in Bangladesh. After conducting a thorough analysis, we have examined numerous HR management software options, carefully evaluating their features, costs, and the services they offer.

Exploring Bangladesh's Leading Top 5 HR Management​ Software Solutions and Their Specializations

PiHR: Specializes in efficient payroll management.

Apploye: Ideal for time tracking and employee monitoring.

Ebexsoft: Most Popular Solution For HR Management of Your Company

PeopleDesk: Offers comprehensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solutions.

LinesPay: Primarily focuses on employee recruitment.

Why is Human Resource (HR Management​) software crucial for businesses operating in Bangladesh?

As per the World Bank, Bangladesh boasts a substantial labor force, with more than 74 million individuals employed. Due to this, human resources management plays a vital role in the nation’s economic growth and development. As your business in Bangladesh continues to expand and bring on new team members, the management of HR tasks such as employee information, attendance, leave requests, and payroll may become increasingly challenging and time-consuming. Due to these factors, HR Management​ Software has become indispensable in expediting these procedures, minimizing human labor, and enhancing overall organizational efficiency.

By utilizing HR software, businesses in Bangladesh can enhance the efficiency of their HR processes. Companies have the ability to make data-driven decisions that can enhance productivity and increase employee satisfaction. In addition, HR software can assist in maintaining compliance with the local laws and regulations of Bangladesh, thereby minimizing the potential for penalties due to non-compliance.

Key Human Resource Management Services Offered by Leading HR Software in Bangladesh

Human Resource Information System: Bangladeshi organizations require HRIS software for efficient management and analysis of HR data. Our service streamlines HR tasks by consolidating employee information, attendance records, leave requests, and other relevant data.

Time tracking and employee monitoring: Our service provides companies with the ability to easily track employee attendance, work hours, timesheets, GPS location, and performance. It will allow Bangladeshi companies to track and monitor their employees.

Employee Database: Our service provides businesses with a convenient way to store and manage essential employee information, including personal details, work history, and job-related information.

Recruitment Management: Bangladeshi companies have the option to utilize human resource software for posting job openings and recruiting new employees. This program greatly expedites the hiring process for organizations.

Personalization: Numerous HR software companies in BD offer businesses the ability to tailor the software to suit their specific requirements. Personalization options encompass the addition of custom fields, the configuration of workflows, and the creation of tailored reports.


Comprehensive Exploration of Top HR Management Software Solution in Bangladesh

In this section of the article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the top HR management software options available in Bangladesh. We have conducted a comprehensive analysis of their services, products, and prices. Upon reviewing this information, you will be able to make a more informed decision regarding the most suitable software partner for your HR requirements. In this section of the article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the top HR management software options available in Bangladesh. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of their services, products, and prices. Upon reviewing this information, you will be able to make a more informed decision regarding the most suitable software partner for your HR requirements.

PiHR: Specializes in efficient payroll management.

PiHR is an innovative HR software program that specializes in payroll administration. They have made payroll management easier for Bangladeshi companies by automating various tasks. This includes payroll computation, tax deduction, and payment processing. Their advanced features and user-friendly interface make it a breeze to use. In addition, this payroll software from Bangladesh guarantees accurate and timely payment for employees, resulting in reduced workload for HR managers and increased employee satisfaction.

Apploye: Ideal for time tracking and employee monitoring.

A snapshot of the Apploye dashboard, an HR software designed for time tracking and employee monitoring in Bangladesh. Apploye is a valuable software for human resource management in Bangladesh, enabling businesses to enhance their HR processes. Firstly, this cutting-edge time-tracking and employee-monitoring software provides a user-friendly interface and robust features. Additionally, it allows companies to effectively monitor employee work hours and track their activities with precision. In addition, task management, project tracking, attendance monitoring, and detailed reporting provide managers with a comprehensive understanding of their team’s performance and help them identify areas for improvement.

Ebexsoft: Most Popular Solution For HR Management of Your Company

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective human resource management plays a crucial role in determining a company’s success. Our Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) provides a comprehensive solution that optimizes HR processes, boosts employee engagement, and guarantees the utmost accuracy and security of data. Our company requires an HRMS system to streamline employee data management, optimize recruitment and onboarding processes, boost employee performance, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Ebexsoft is a top provider of HRMS solutions, offering a wide range of tools, customized options, easy-to-use interfaces, and seamless integration capabilities. They are your go-to choice for all your HR management requirements. Testimonials and success stories showcase the tangible impact of Ebexsoft in the real world. Ebexsoft is the ultimate solution for all your needs. Opt for HRMS and Ebexsoft to enhance efficiency and achieve success in effectively managing your workforce.

PeopleDesk: Offers comprehensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solutions.

PeopleDesk is a comprehensive Human Resource Management Solution developed by iBOS in Bangladesh. With 15 years of experience, iBOS, an Akij company, has consistently delivered exceptional services. PeopleDesk is a comprehensive tool for efficiently managing human resources, providing all the necessary features and functionalities. Our HRMS is designed to assist you in efficiently managing your business operations and accurately forecasting its performance. Furthermore, their software optimizes the HR processes.

LinesPay: Primarily focuses on employee recruitment.

LinesPay is a highly efficient and reliable HR software solution from Bangladesh, designed to streamline the hiring process. Our platform offers comprehensive support for all aspects of the recruitment process, including job posting, resume screening, and interview scheduling. With its robust human resource management features, it provides end-to-end assistance.
With the help of advanced technology, LinesPay reduces the need for manual tasks and simplifies the hiring process, resulting in significant time and cost savings when it comes to finding the most qualified candidates. The HR software’s integrated personnel information management features bring all employee records into one convenient platform. It provides recruiters with convenient access to applicant information and promotes improved teamwork and communication.

FAQ about the best software for HR Management in Bangladesh

What is HR Management software?

HR management software, also referred to as human resource management software or HRMS, is a digital solution created to streamline and automate a range of HR tasks and processes within an organization. It covers a broad spectrum of features designed to streamline human resources management. This includes managing employee data, processing payroll, tracking attendance, evaluating performance, handling recruitment and onboarding, facilitating training and development, and providing employee self-service portals.

HR management software is a valuable tool for HR professionals and managers. It streamlines administrative tasks, boosts workforce productivity, and enables better decision-making with accurate data and analytics. Additionally, it ensures compliance with regulations and company policies and promotes employee engagement and satisfaction. Usually, it runs on a centralized platform that only authorized personnel can access. The platform provides customized features to cater to the unique requirements of various industries and organizations of different sizes.

What are the free HR Management software in Bangladesh?

While many HR software options come with a price tag, businesses in Bangladesh seeking cost-effective solutions can turn to open-source HR management software. These platforms offer a wide range of features and can be customized to suit individual requirements. Here are a few free HR software options available in Bangladesh: OpenCATS,, and Open HRMS.

How much does software for HR Management  cost in Bangladesh?

The cost of HR software in Bangladesh can vary significantly based on factors such as the software’s features, the number of users it can accommodate, and the pricing structure set by the provider. To obtain the most accurate and current pricing information, we recommend contacting the software companies directly or visiting their official websites.

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