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POS Software

One of the Best Dynamic POS Software in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Ebexsoft offers pos software and hardware.Point of sale, or POS. Computer, POS printers, barcode scanners, and POS software are required for a POS system. From our website, you may get the pos machine cost in Bangladesh. In restaurants, our system is also employed as the restaurant system. We offer the top point-of-sale systems in Bangladesh. Call us at 01977663736 to learn the pos software cost in Bangladesh. Our POS system is utilised as shop management software, restaurant pos software, and shop management software.

POS Software:

Features Of POS Software:

  • Customers: You are able to add an unlimited amount of customer names and information, such as address, phone number, and email address.
  • Items: You may enter an unlimited number of products or items here, along with stock data, supplier names, inventory data, barcode numbers, etc.
  • Suppliers: Here, you can save the contact information for your suppliers.
  • Receiving: If the customer supports your goods, using this option will enable you to get the merchandise into your inventory.
  • Sales: This choice assists your salesperson in selling your product from inventory and accepting payment in cash or by credit card.
  • Employees: With an individual access level, you can add an endless amount of items. Depending on their access level, an employee can utilise this programme.
  • Store Configuration: Here, you can set or update the details of your store, including its address and phone number.
  • This application offers a barcode-integrated purchasing and sales system.


We provide diversified, complicated online and mobile solutions for every business requirement. Our knowledge and experience convert into extra value and peace of mind for our customers. With Ebexsoft, you always get high-quality software and excellent customer support.


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